Salgsmodellering – Kurs

29. november

Salgsmodellering – Kurs

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Technological developments and high-quality data are making marketing an increasingly quantitative profession. This course introduces quantitative marketing models, which managers can use for supporting marketing decisions.



 In the age of Big Data, it is no longer enough for marketing professionals to be creative – if they want to make sense of all the available data, they need to be proficient in marketing analytical tools. In this course, we present models that evaluate the sales impact of marketing decisions and, as such, can provide managers with information on how to better allocate resources. You will solve real-life marketing problems through the analysis of relevant data and discuss managerial recommendations based on your findings. More than just a modeling course, the emphasis is on the managerial aspects of the statistical tools.

Are you interested in the impact of your marketing mix on sales or market share? Do you also want to know which marketing instrument is most effective and thus deserves a larger share of your marketing budget? If so, this course in sales modeling is the right choice for you! You will learn how to build simple models that can help you in improving marketing mix spending decisions.

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The overall learning goal is to be able to see the benefits of using sales models, namely how they evaluate the effectiveness of marketing spending and may enhance decisions contributing to the firm’s goals. Closely related to this ability is the ability to discern and choose between possible techniques as well as the ability to apply this technique appropriately, given a particular marketing problem. Finally, the aim is to convincingly communicate findings to the firm’s decision makers.

To achieve the learning outcomes, students must be able to:
1) Explain the differences and similarities between different types of marketing models.
2) Understand each model in terms of:
a. Its data requirements
b. The type of problems it can be used for
c. Its relationship with other techniques
3) Implement these models using statistical software
4) Interpret the outcomes (results) and derive managerial implications


The course structure follows the steps of the model building process:

1) model specification,

2) model estimation

3) model validation.

• The benefits of sales models – evaluating the effectiveness of marketing spending
• Choosing and applying the right techniques for different marketing problems
• Managerial recommendations based on the modeling outcomes

Marketing/brand/sales managers who want to familiarize themselves with analytics. The course is also suitable for analysts working in marketing research agencies and/or analytics departments in larger firms.


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